Frequently Asked Questions


Yuma is a trusted marketplace of personal caterers who can prepare your weekly meals for you. Find menus that meet your diet and budget to benefit from having your weekly meals on hand.

Simply search for menus in your area, find the menu that fits your needs, choose your meals and place an order for a date you prefer. When you receive your order, refrigerate or freeze your meals as instructed by the caterer. From here on, all we can say is bon appétit!

First and foremost, Yuma makes it easy to stick to your diet by having your weekly meals on hand. This also saves you time and money. Bulk ordering is a model that provides you with special deals you can't find anywhere else.

We're constantly opening new menus everywhere. Search for menus around you on our home page. If you don't find anything, don't fret. We'll be there soon!


First, you should fill your cart up to or above the minimum order price. Once you've chosen your meals, pick your preferred delivery or pickup day in your Order Summary. For delivery, make sure you have a delivery address saved on your profile or add it in the Edit Profile page. If you have not added a payment method, you can do so in Account Settings. Back to Order Summary, add a note for your caterer if you wish, then place your order. You'll receive an email confirmation once your caterer accepts your order.

Menus on Yuma have available days and time ranges that they service. Once you order, you will pick a day and time range that fits best with your schedule. You will receive your order then. See the question below, "What's the difference between delivery and pickup?" to learn more about the different reception methods.

Each menu has available days and times that they service. If a menu is delivery, check if you fall under its delivery zone in Delivery Info. If so, you'll receive FREE delivery on the day and time your chose. If the menu is pickup, you'll see the pickup address in your order (on the Orders page) after it has been accepted. Pickup your order on the day and time you chose.

For instances like this, please communicate your urgency with your caterer by messaging them straight on Yuma. On the Orders page, your order has a message button to open a conversation with your caterer. If you've already messaged them before, you will find your conversation on the Messages page.

Not yet. But you can always message your caterer to reach a compromise between the both of you.

Please check your email in the Edit Profile page and make sure it's typed correctly. If everything seems fine, please reach out to our support team at [email protected] and they'll assist you.

On the Orders page, each order has a review button. Once you click on it, you'll see a popup where you can rate your experience out of 5 and optionally write a review. Your feedback is invaluable for building our community, so we encourage you to review you each order you place. We'd really appreciate that!


110%. Your payment method details are never shared with anybody. Credit cards are encrypted using top-notch algorithms and we don't even have access to view them.

In your Account Settings, the first page you land on is Payment Methods. You can add a payment method by clicking the Add Payment Method box. If you have several payment methods, you can change the default payment method (the one that gets charged) or simply remove one you don't need anymore.

To help cover the costs of running Yuma and finding the best caterers, we charge a quality fee. The fee amount varies and is based on the order's subtotal (before additional fees). The exact amount of the quality fee is displayed in the Order Summary. The higher the subtotal, the lower the fee so you can save money when placing large orders.

All payments are done entirely through Yuma to maintain a seamless experience for you and the caterer.


With your phone number added, you'll be able to receive notifications about your orders straight to your pocket.

Please make sure that you've entered the correct country code and phone number. If it still doesn't work, you can reach out to our support team at [email protected] and they will assist you.

For your name, email address, and phone number, go to your Edit Profile page and tap on the respective fields to edit them. For changing your password, go to your Account Settings page and click on the Security tab. Enter your new password and confirm the change with your old password.


Go to the Catering Portal and click on Manage Menus in the top right. Click on the Start Menu box and finish your first menu in 5 easy steps.

The Yuma marketplace focuses on meal-prep or what we call personal catering. So it's best to sell meals that meet certain diets and lifestyles. For example, you can create a menu that sells meals for diabetic patients or meals that help clients lose weight. The creativity is in your hands!

That's all up to you. We encourage you to calculate how much your costs are before pricing your items. That'll help you determine your profit margin, as well as the type of special deals you can provide. We urge you to not overprice your meals as the meal-prep model will bring you bulk orders. Naturally, overpricing will drive clients away.

This is where you can provide incentive for your clients. When creating a menu, you'll be able to add Specials that are discount deals for clients. Specials currently apply to items of the Meal type. An example of a special is: 10+ Meals of 1 serving at $9 each. That means when clients add 10 or more meals with a 1 serving portion, all the meals' prices will render down to $9 each. This incentivizes clients to order more and save up while as a caterer, you'll increase your profit margin. Everyone wins!

The optimal way to package your food on Yuma is in microwavable containers. If you choose another packaging, always make sure to teach clients about the safest reheating method.

In your Manage Menus page, click on the menu that you want to activate and you'll land on the menu's Preview page. Make sure to set your Payout Methods and have at least 5 items activated. Click on the activate button and you're live!

For instances like this, please communicate with your client by messaging them straight on Yuma. If they still do not answer, you can leave the order with a neighbour or the building's doorman. Try your best not leave the food at the door as it will become stale.

To help cover the costs of running Yuma and acquiring more clients onto the platform, we charge a service fee. The fee amount is only 5% of the subtotal (before additional fees). For example, if you receive a $50 order, we will take $50 x 5% = $2.50 and deposit $47.50 into your bank account.

Every day, your transactions will be bundled up and deposited in your bank account 7 days later. The very first transfer made to your bank will take 7 days to post in the US or Canada.

Still need help?

Reach us at [email protected] - we will respond as quickly as possible.