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The benefits of Yuma come with added perks. An experience like no other platform, with great deals and more below.

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Know who’s preparing your meals and message them when you want.

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Receive instructions about storage, heating and expiration.

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We will keep you updated by notifying you via email or SMS on the day your order is due.

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Delivery is free when you're inide a menu's service area. Enjoy great deals rather than extra fees.

Common questions about Yuma

We are constantly expanding into new cities and towns. Enter your address or postal code here to find menus around you.

Once you order, you will pick a day and time range that fits best with your schedule. You will then receive your order by delivery or you'll have to pick it up, depending on the menu.

We have a variety of meals offered by different menus. Each menu also prices its meals differently. Browse through the menus until you find one that fits what you're looking for.

Delivery is free when you're in a menu's service area. If not, you will see a minor fee at checkout.

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