Catering requirements

Learn about what you need to start your service with Yuma.

Things to consider before starting

  • Customers love to see a wide variety of dishes on menus
  • Dishes with high quality photos tend to sell better
  • Food packaging should be microwavable or appropriate for heating


  • Meet the Yuma team in person or via video
  • Add at least 5 dishes / items to activate your menu
  • Follow best practices of catering on Yuma

Added bonus

  • Have food handler certification
  • Have experience in the culinary industry
  • Already own a prepared meal service
  • Use eco-friendly food packaging

Starting your first menu on Yuma


Sign up online

Create an account and confirm your email. It's also best to add your phone number to your profile so you receive new order notifications.


Create a menu

Go to Manage Menus and start a new menu. When you're done, add each item you're serving accompanied by a tasty photo.


Launch & go

Open your menu for live ordering. Now clients will see your menu around them as they look for their weekly meals.