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as a caterer on Yuma

Work on your own hours and make money.

“Yuma is a perfect tool for my personal catering business. I've seen my clients grow in number and started making a second income as a result. But most of all, I love that it gives me a chance to express my creativity through my cooking.”

Emma P.

Founder of Les Boîtes Vertes d'Emma

Montréal, Canada

How to cater on Yuma

Build your menu

Use Yuma's powerful tools to customize your menu to your preferences. Provide a service that is convenient for you and your clients.

Receive orders

Get instantly notified when clients order from you. Track all the orders for your next cycle and earn money when you accept them.

Prepare & fulfill

View a summary of items ordered to gather ingredients accordingly. Prepare your dishes and deliver orders or allow clients to pickup instead.

Why cater on Yuma?

Earn an income

You can do what you love on your own time and earn money doing so. Start your business and watch it grow. The sky's the limit!

Easily customizable

Create the exact type of service you'd like to provide. You can delimit your delivery zone, add special deals, set your own hours and more.

Build a client base

When you provide a high quality service, you will see clients return on a weekly basis. They will spread the word and in turn, your profits grow.

Powerful tools

All you have to worry about is the cooking. At Yuma, we strive to build you the best tools to grow and automate your business for the future.

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