Work that you love

Turn your culinary passion into a fruitful business

Start a prepared meal service in minutes.

Work on your own schedule

Add at least one operation day per week and expand as you wish. You have the power over how and when to work.

Earn an income doing what you love

Receive orders from clients to prepare their weekly meals and gain your financial independence.

Run your service easily on Yuma

All the tools you need to keep your mind at ease. Launching your business on Yuma is completely free.

Starting your first menu on Yuma


Sign up online

Create an account and confirm your email. It's also best to add your phone number to your profile so you receive new order notifications.


Create a menu

Go to Manage Menus and start a new menu. When you're done, add each item you're serving accompanied by a tasty photo.


Launch & go

Open your menu for live ordering. Now clients will see your menu around them as they look for their weekly meals.

All you need to start a prepared meal service


Learn what you need to start your business on Yuma. Please make sure you meet the minimum requirements and complete a background screening.

Bon appétit ________.

Instruction cards

We provide you with free instruction cards to inform clients on how to store and heat their meals.

Talk to clients

Reach out to clients to thank them for ordering or if you need to ask them a question about their order.

Secure payments

You don't have to deal with money directly. Get paid by direct deposit when you accept an order.


We notify you via email or SMS when a client places an order on your menu. Simply click the link and accept it.

Let our resources page help you offer an optimal service

Make a full-time salary from only a handful of clients

With prepared meal services, each client orders almost a week's worth of meals from you. Just a few clients per week can quickly get your business roaring.

Weekly clients:

Avg. $60 order

$2400 monthly

potential income

Estimates are calculated based on menus that accept orders of $50 or more in value. How much you actually make can vary with your pricing, special deals, and other factors.

In their own words

“Yuma makes it so simple to set up shop in a few clicks. It gave my business an online presence and increased my income.”

Les Boîtes Vertes d'Emma

“We were looking to expand our operation and thought Yuma is a great platform to grow our customer base.”


“I'm an industrial engineer but my true passion is to cook traditional Indian & Pakistani food. With Yuma, I got to do what I love.”

Rajput Indian Cuisine

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