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Turn your culinary passion into a fruitful business

Why cater on Yuma?

The culinary talent you have should not go untapped. Yuma makes it simple for you to start your meal prep business free of charge and provides you with all the tools to run it.

Be in control

With Yuma, you're in full control of your availability, prices, and the the type of service you want to provide. You can set your operation times and choose to deliver or have clients pick up.

We're here to help

You can keep us on speed dial. We're solely dedicated to help you run your business efficiently. We offer free consulting, support, and photography of your dishes.

Start your meal prep business

It has never been easier


Sculpt your menu

It's completely free to start your menu on Yuma. Set your branding and define your operation's logistics in under a minute. Then photograph your dishes and start selling.


Receive orders

We will notify you when you have new orders. Simply accept them and get paid. Send your clients a thank you message directly through our platform—they'll appreciate it.


Prepare & fulfill

We summarize your orders for you on the days they are due. All you have to focus on is preparing the meals before delivering or waiting for your clients to pick up their orders.

Make a full-time salary

from only a handful of clients

With meal prep, each client orders almost a week's worth of meals from you. Just a few clients per week can quickly get your business roaring.

Number of clients per week:

Avg. $60 order

$2400 monthly

potential income

Estimates are calculated based on menus that accept orders of $50 or more in value. How much you actually make can vary with your pricing, special deals, and other factors.

All you need to start

a meal prep business

Extensive tools

We give you control over every little aspect so you can run a seamless operation.

Secure payments

You never have to deal with money directly. Get paid by direct deposit upon accepting orders.


Communicate with your clients about their orders right on our platform.

Book a 1-on-1 Information Session

Still have questions? Talk to our Yuma Support team. We are happy to help!

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