A Myriad of Benefits

Eating with Yuma is only about the pros.

Homestyle meals

On Yuma, you can find delicious homestyle meals prepared by talented chefs. No need to resort to fast and frozen foods. Just preorder your meals and eat fresh homestyle food for the week.

Free delivery

There is no delivery charge that you incur. Keeping our prices at minimal fees is something we strive for at Yuma. Enjoy your food without being hustled.

Save with low-costs

Prices on Yuma are intended to make you save up. With our options continuously expanding as we on-board more chefs, we anticipate to bring you prices you've never seen before.

No subscription

You don't have to worry about the hassle of subscription fees. Every time you think about planning your meals for the next few days, hop on Yuma and preorder what you like.

Limitless options

We're always adding new menus by talented chefs, growing our options to foods from vegan to Syrian cuisines and beyond.

Health Safety

We hand pick all our talented chefs through an extensive process, ensuring a unique experience for you.

Lower food waste

With preordering, chefs know exactly the quantity they need to cook for a certain delivery or pickup period. This beats out the wastage of an on-demand system.

Time efficiency

Planning ahead your meals means you'll have them on hand whenever you feel hungry. It only takes 3 minutes to heat up and have a ready homestyle meal. That's faster than fast food.

Be the first to know

about new features, menus, and cities we open in.