We want to bring

better food to everyone

Our story

We met while studying at McGill University at a time where we spent endless library nights relying on fast food. We believed we could change the direction of our generation's deteriorating eating habits. Essentially, we saw that prepared meal services were giving us access to wholesome foods that improved our diet and saved us time. What started as an idea became a platform for people of all cultures and backgrounds to share their passion for cooking and bringing better food to everyone.

Co-founders Laura Khoury & Adam Albarghouthi

We're mobilizing a revolution

We're challenging the status-quo by shifting our reliance towards food that is prepared with love and pride. With Yuma, we open doors to new alternatives.

Adhering to our core values, we strive to:

Embrace change
Move fast

We'd love to chat

If our mission resonates with you, drop us a line. We're easy to reach!

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