Personal Catering

Your weekly meals prepared for you.

Personal catering

Browse menus that suit your lifestyle and preorder your weekly meals from talented chefs.

Weekly meals

Store your meals and eat whenever you like, whether at work, school, or home.

Homestyle variety

Find a wide variety of food from top chefs at prices not found elsewhere.

A myriad of benefits

Eating with Yuma

Free delivery

There is no delivery charge that you incur. Keeping our prices at minimal fees is something we strive for at Yuma. Enjoy your food without being hustled.

Limitless options

We're always adding new menus by talented chefs, growing our options to foods from vegan to Syrian cuisines and beyond.

Health Safety

We hand pick all our talented chefs through an extensive process, ensuring a unique experience for you.

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Pursue your passion

Start your business

Set your own hours and indulge in your culinary passions by starting your personal catering business. Gain your financial freedom and do what you love with Yuma.

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Get the app

Preorder swiftly

The Yuma app is a simplified experience in your pocket. With notifications to tell you when Spree is on to instant calling between you and your chef. Wherever you find yourself, you can plan ahead to stay ahead.

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Be the first to know

about new features, menus, and cities we open in.